Diamond’s response on ‘abandoning’ Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been forced to explain why he did not tag along his son with Hamisa Mobetto during his recent trip to Rwanda.

Speaking to the media ahead of his performance at Tusker Oktoba Fest, Diamond hinted that Dylan was in school when his other three kids accompanied him to the Trace Awards Gala.

“Sio kila sehemu ni vyema kwenda na watoto, that’s why I came here alone, at time you are supposed to leave them to study.


“So I went with them to Rwanda but here I came alone because the kids are in school and sometimes it's not advisable to go with them everywhere. I will spoil them,” Diamond said.

Just the other day, Platnumz raised eyebrows after he went to Rwanda with his three kids, leaving Dylan behind.

Speaking about his much-anticipate performance at Oktoba Fest tonight, Chibu Dangote promised his fans an electrifying show.


He stated that he had not performed in Kenya for a while after adjusting his booking fee to a higher level but was glad the Tusker Oktoba Fest organizers managed to afford him.

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“I changed my rate card from what I used to charge back in the day because I realized that in East Africa, when artists from other nations come here they are more money but when it comes to us we are not paid well.

“So I said I must be paid the money I deserve or else I don’t come. I received several offers and this one matched my price and that’s why I’m here. I’m building the value of my brand and sometimes East Africans may value other people and not you despite what you are doing,” Diamond explained.

Diamond acknowledged the love he receives from Kenyans- stating that he owns them a good show tonight.