Former radio queen Joyce Gituro reveals why her marriage failedĀ 

Former radio queen Joyce Gituro has for the first time opened up on her marriage.

In an interview with Jeff Kuria, she shared

'Before I joined KBC I was already dating but we were not living  together.

After I got the job, we started living together. I had seen a lot of red flags but I assumed them.

One of the red flags was insecurity, we were also never friends. Before him, I had a daughter from a previous union. At Citizen, he would show up and say he wanted to come and see me.

Sometimes he would take away the car because I couldn't go out and see him."

Joyce says later her baby daddy would never properly communicate with her as they were not friends at first.

"My husband got into church and he became lost. I tried getting him back, I even involved his parents but he never listened. One day he just took his stuff and left for a whole year. The kids would constantly ask where he was, and I had to lie he had died."

The kids would constantly ask why they were never invited to their dad's burial.

Gituro had to tell them the truth, That their dad was still alive.

Joyce also shared that she came from a polygamous family

"My dad had 5 wives and 33 kids. My mum was the 5th wife."