Alpha Mwana Mtule

Gospel musician Alpha Mwana Mtule has broken his silence after reports went viral that he had passed away.

In a statement revealed via his socials, Alpha made it clear that the issue affecting him is serious and people should refrain from sending or tying “RIP” on his pages.

He revealed that he was poisoned and currently, he is unwell but glad to be fighting for his life.

 “I’m not dead; I thank God for saving my life. I was poisoned at a friend's place in Rongai. I will talk soon and explain what happened because now I’m still not feeling well…I’m still alive and police are investigating for the suspects,” Alpha said.

Mtule added that it pains him to see people saying he is clouting chasing yet he was poisoned.

Guys naumia sana nasoma comments watu wakisema…ni clout chasing please stop, Ju ata saizi hali yangu sio nzuri vile mnafikiria, I was poisoned I Did Not try to kill myself,” Mtule said.

He added that he has struggled for 9 years, from being a street kid to where he is right now.

“Nimeishi na mungu wetu Street’s for. Nine years nikikula kwa taka taka Nilikua chokora pipa, sijawai ata fikiria kujiuwa, mbona nijaribu kuijiuwa wakati kama huu mungu Ananipanga,”

He further stated that God has blessed him with a great talent and therefore will never think about taking his own life.

“Kipaji Mungu wetu Amenipea ni kubwa kushinda clout chasing, najua adui mnanitafuta kuniuwa ,nyi endeleeni tu MUNGU WETU haezi sahau Huyu Boyz 😞 #MIMI

Fam continue praying for me and supporting my work🙏🙏🙏🙏soon i will be well 🙏. Street king is around,” he said.

For the better part of this week, news went viral that Alpha has committed suicide something that he has now refuted.