Zari reveals why Diamond insisted on meeting her hubby Shakib

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has revealed why her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz insisted on meeting with her husband Shakib.

In a recent confession, Zari said that Platnumz wanted to meet the person who spends most time with his kids, and that is why she (Zari) had to arrange the meet-up.

The mother of five mentioned that the two men were mature about the meeting and that is why it was easy on her side.

 “I think, it is us the women who like rope-pulling, but for the two men, they were very cool about it,”

“Some time back, I remember I sat down with Diamond and when I told him I was married he said he wanted to meet my man,she said.

Zari says Diamond wanted to “know the kind of person that was spending more time with his children than him.”

“Then I talked to Shakib about it…I asked him if he was down with it and he said yes. In the end, it was the easiest thing to do.”

“He acknowledged that he is no longer in the children’s lives and said he was happy that (Shakib) was a kind and cool guy. Right now they are good friends,” she added.

Ms Hassan went on to state that that was the second time Shakib and Diamond were meeting.

The two first met in South Africa during a concert where Shakib was part of the organizing team.

The second time they met was at a South Africa Airport when Diamond was traveling back to Tanzania with his kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nilla.

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