Fred Obachi Machoka and his wife Sophie

Legendary Radio Presenter Fred Obachi Machoka has advised young people to consider marriage when they are of age.

In a viral video, Machoka advised that marriage is a good thing and those saying “I don’t need a man or woman” are ill-advised.

He mentioned that nobody remains young forever and therefore it's good to utilize their youthful days well.


“I’m telling young people, please marry or get married, if the time is right, and if you have not found someone that is understandable.

“But please stop jumping up and down saying don’t need a man…what can a man give me? or I don’t need a woman…women are stubborn,” Machoka advised.

Machoka who was a Rhumba fanatic went on to use singer Mbaraka Mwinshehe Mwaruka’s song to advise young people.


He sang; “Ujana ni moshi ukitoka haurudi tena, so listen to me and listen Good …Let me tell you, thing scan get thick and that was Baraka Mushe sand “Ulivyokuwa unapendwa wewe daka hukujijua, uko mkama maua na siku moja ujana utakutoka. Utajikuta umekwama…wapenzi wote wamekukimbia, utapatya tabu. Ooh pole dada, ooh pole kaka. Sisi ndo tuko site so listen,”.

Machoka has been married for over 40 years to his wife Sophie. Last year I sent a beautiful message to her at a time when she was turning a year older.

“Some people say that love at first sight doesn't last, don't believe them! I met a young beautiful girl in the 20th century and we fell in love instantly, now in the 21st century we are still as tight if not tighter! What does that at first sight can last for centuries Mungu akipenda. Happy Birthday my love...I don't know much but I know I love you", shared Fred Obachi Machoka.

In December 2019, Machoka and his wife Sophie celebrated 40 years of marriage at a colorful ceremony held at their ranch in Isinya, Kajiado County.

Renewing their wedding vows, Machoka, who prides in the moniker 'the blackest man in black Africa', serenaded his wife as they hosted their close family and friends for their special event.

Everyone in the invite-only event was full of glee as they watched a couple that had been immersed in love for 40 blissful years make their promise to stick together yet again.

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