Azziad Nasenya
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Azziad Nasenya, a sensational TikToker and a cast member of the 'Pink Ladies' show has shared how she overcame wrongful judgments that followed her rise to fame during the 'Utawezana' challenge.

In a candid interview, Azziad candidly addressed the harsh judgment she endured, some of which were incredibly ruthless, leaving her feeling overwhelmed and doubted her limit.

She questioned why the world sometimes tends to jump to conclusions without understanding the stories behind celebrities who rose to fame noting that some people wanted her to die as they weren’t happy with her success.


Why is the world like that? Azziad notes that sometimes people and the world can judge wrongly noting that people don’t know the story of celebrities before they rose to glory.

“Some people wished me death as all sorts of things said to me were very devastating on my life but the good thing is that I didn’t tire to pray as I wanted more success and then I got the support to rise again,” she said.

Azziad also shared that her journey in acting had begun long before her rise to fame, emphasizing her dedication and commitment to her craft.


Excitingly, Azziad Nasenya disclosed her role as 'Cecilia' in StarTimes' forthcoming series, "Pink Ladies," slated for launch on November 1st.

The show delves into the lives of four single women who grapple with the intricacies of life, friendship, relationships, careers, and finances.

“Pink Ladies revolve around four single women who find themselves navigating the complexities of life, friendship, and relationships, career, and finances,” Azziad said.

Others headlining the series include Shix Kapienga (Trizah), Doreah Chege (Anne), Pascal Tokodi (Charlie), and newcomer Brenda Gesare (Stephanie).

The show is directed by Reuben Odanga who is responsible for some of the biggest movie and television hits in Kenya.

Celebrated actor Tokodi acting as Charlie will be at the centre of the attention as the ladies try their luck on him.

Dorea takes center stage as the main character, Anne who craves affection and is determined to get married.

Dorea Chege who is the series' main character recently said that the 'Pink Ladies' series will be very captivating.

She said, “This is one of its kind to ever exist in the corridor of the film industry in Kenya, I’m more than excited for the views because this will be wholesomely choreographed for them,” she said.