Akothee and Omosh

Award-winning Kenyan singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has broken the silence on her miscarriage once again.

In a viral TikTok video, Akothee said that the miscarriage was a blessing in disguise. 


The singer made it clear that she could have regretted it if she had given birth to her ex-husband's (Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer) baby after the relationship failed. 

The mother of five is known to defend her ex-husband in any scandals despite their infamous breakup but now she is bashing him on her TikTok account.


In the video, the businesswoman is enthusiastic about not being a mother again. 

Suddenly her age mattered to her and she saw that it wasn't fit for her to be pregnant due to her current age.

"Ata afadhali ile mimba ilitoka, kama ningezaa ile mimba sijui sai ningekuwa mgeni wa nani? we unaona ningekuwa mgeni wa nani kwama ile mimba.... kama baba Alvin the way alikuwa ananitoa kitovu jameni ningekuwa mgeni wa nani at 40 naanza kukimbizana na mtu at 40 ."

Akothe, categorically stated that God was the planner and he did a wonderful job of taking away the pregnancy since now it would be easier for her to get Omosh out of her life.

"Lakini huyu Mungu huyu, lakini huyu mungu akona jokes zingine aliamua tu aksema asubui tu moja hii kitu haiwezi ka hapa akatoa mara moja. Sai ingekuwa kesi engine ningetoa aje huyu mtu kwa skin yangu."

The businesswoman finished by flexing her riches to the world and cleared up the rumour that he wanted to give her ex-husband a child.

"Guys you know what I learned us women sometimes we are not real to ourselves. Sasa mbona sikuishi kidogo kidogo anyway when he came into my life I was trteady for a baby I was entirely ready for a baby ndio manake by the time omosh alikutana na mimi nilikuwa nimeenda ulaya kununua mtoto cause I have the money.

She added; "So alipokuja alipata kama nikoi tayari si ati nilkuwa mjionga nilikuwa tayari mimi kuzaa lakinni sasa heee kangekuwa hapa hivi kanazungukuka zunguka na tumatako ndogo ndogo kama baba yake anaanza kuzunguka zunguka hapa kwa compound. Ningekuwa babay number what?"

Akothee is a businesswoman, musician, mother of five, and the founder of Akothee Safaris a tour company based in Kenya.

In a live session, the mother of five showcased her undying hate for giving birth to her ex-husband