TikToker Nyako

Content creator, influencer, and TikTom sensation Nyako Pilot opened up on what caused the demise of four members of her family.

The content creator in the TikTok video appears to be in a graveyard mourning the demise of her mother and stating that AIDS was the reason for her death and the other three members of her family.

Nyako is known for her supportive and defensive character against creators who oppress other content creators seeing her in a graveyard looking sorrowful was a shock to her many fans.

Truly all walls can crumble as we know as the fierce lady declared she had a soft spot for her mother despite not getting a chance to be with her for a good portion of her life.

"I am chilling with my mum, I like sitting here because it is my mum I love the most, namfeel sana she left so early she should have stayed a bit. I never shared any moment with my mum, I was raised in a boarding school my whole life and when I finished she was dead so I don't have any special memory of my mother yeah that is how it is."

Other than talking about the demise of her beloved mother she also touched on that her father and a year old sister died of the same condition.

"Both my parents died of HIV/ AIDS and both my two sisters died of HIV/AIDS yeah those days hakukuwa na dawa. One of my sisters died when she was only one the virus was too much for her she died a painful death."

She further added;

"One died when she was only one the second one died when she was twelve huyu alikufa kama kuna dawa there was already medication lakini dawa ilienda ikamlemea ikacause kidney failure and later she died madawa ilimlemea."