Kenyans react to list of things considered haram for muslim women

A set of very stringent rules considered haram for Muslim women has elicited sharp reactions from Kenyans.

The list was shared by Jamia Mosque on social media, and interestingly, most opinions are being expressed by men, opposed to it.

According to the list, things like perfume use are considered haram for women in Islam.

The criticism has also seen Jamia Mosque respond to the negative reactions.

Here are the haram things:

1. Showing hair in public

2. Hair extensions

3. Wearing tight clothes

4. Doing heavy makeup

5. Eyebrow plucking

Twitter bigwig Boniface Mwangi shared his opinion 

"Even smelling good is haram? Nuka jasho uingie mbiguni. @jamia_mosque why does religion dictate to women what to wear, but men can mostly wear or do whatever they want? So how does a woman showing her hair become a sin?"

Jamia Mosque explained their rationale for the tough rules

"Islam is a way of life; hence, there are guidelines for dress codes for both genders. What has been highlighted pertains to women. Regarding perfume, women are allowed to apply it at home but not in public spaces, as it may lead to fitnah (attracting men, which is not permitted and is a step towards fornication)"

Kalenjinsonline....How weak are men so as to be seduced towards fornication by simple perfume? Women are strong since the perfume worn by our bros outchea is dangerously strong.

maelwak...Wait so women should walk around smelling sweat so as not to attract men? Meanwhile, I have been using Versace deo stick, perfume, lotion, shower gel, & smelling like heaven all this while. where are the men though? I'm I invisible? At this point, I need to change my religion

Husni95211259...To all non-Muslims shouting on top of their voices regarding this matter, I say you only tire yourselves. Muslims are people who are ready to die for Islam. Something even in your wildest dream you can't dare. So spare us your shenanigans and concentrate on your fake religions.

aKompyuta...So, men can wear perfumes that smell 16km away but women can't have a scent on to feel fresh?

Counsel_Nassir..Please don’t mislead people. You need to give detailed accounts. Perfume is not haram, it is only not permissible to apply and leave their home but within the confines of their house, they can apply. Thank you

steven_kamalla..Na ile perfume ambayo waislamu wanatumia ambayo inanuka kama ya kupaka maiti wanawakw hawaipaki? In fact, I dont like its smell of passion

GeorgeKayman76...Ding heavy makeup Somali girls who frequent Sarit and Westgate malls on weekends do all that ….

SpaxGenius...Kwani hawa wasomali wa kilimani hutumia nini. Sio makeup, sio Marashi, piercings