Eric Omondi and the late Eric Gori

Comedian Eric Omondi has announced that he will hold an online fundraiser for a dead man who has allegedly been detained at a city Mortuary over a Sh780K bill.

In an update, Omondi shared a photo of the late Eric Gori, saying his body was detained at the Mortuary after his family was unable to raise the required fee.

 “This is Eric Gori, He died in 2019 and has been lying at the Chiromo Mortuary for 5 Years. You can imagine what the Mother has endured for 5 years. Eric left behind two Children,” Omondi said.


The funnyman mentioned that the late Eric left behind two children and he is optimistic that his over 4.3 million followers with help him accord the deceased a decent burial.

“I have called the Mortuary and asked them to prepare the body we are burying this FRIDAY!!! We will give our brother Rest and give his mother Peace. The Bill is 780K...Hii tuta Raise Leo na kesho tupeleke mwili nyumbani tuzike. Na bado tulipie watoto school fees. START SENDING to his mother on 0706959715 (Her Name is Jane Omondi). I will be going live with her tonight from 8 pm,” Eric Omondi added.

Recently, the funnyman has been fundraising for various people who are in need of financial help.


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