Minne Kariku shares ashy tbt photo of her and her hubby as they celebrate their love in Turkey

The mother of 2 shared several photos of the two of them enjoying their baecation in Cappadocia, Turkey

Minnie and hubby

Real Housewives of Nairobi cast member Minne Kariuki is letting the whole world know true love exists.

The actress and her husband city businessman Charles Muigai, popularly known as Lugz are a living testament to it.

The mother of 2 shared several photos of the two of them enjoying their baecation in Cappadocia, Turkey noting that their love for each other was like the wind... infinite.

In a bid to prove this, the actress shared a throwback photo of her and Lugz before the money and fame. And boy is the stack contrast showing!

From Minne's hair to the workmen overalls the two were donning and the picture quality one could tell that the lovebirds had experienced their fair share of struggles.For Minne though, it was a testament of their growth and how hard/long they have been riding for each other.

"There three things in this world that will always remain constant; The sunrise, the wind below these balloons n our love for each other. 

I didn’t choose you,my heart did ♥️," adorably wrote the actress.

Minne went on to recount how their relationship just like any other has had its fair share of a roller coaster ride with highs and lows but they had weathered it all.

Part of her caption read, "We have been through so much together,good times n bad times. But look at us now? WOW 🤩, can I brag about God now? Even today when I look at you I still see the same man I feel in love with,"

Finishing up, Minne went on to highlight some of the things she loved most about her baby daddy as she celebrated the fact that they had made it and could now enjoy life with a big spoon.

"I love our long conversations, ur my greatest adventure baby ♥️ Life looks good on us ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Slide 3 for me 😂😂🤭🤭 own ur love story. I LOVE LOUDLY ♥️♥️#love #marriage works #cappadocia," the last of her heart tugging caption read.

Commenting on her post, her hubby seconded her words maintaining that their love was infinite.

"U PLUS ME =BETTER MATH it’s us till ETERNITY…….🖤🖤🖤🖤," Lugz beautifully wrote.

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