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'Free' hitmaker Nyashinski is seemingly joining Kenyans in arms, calling out the current government and the exorbitant cost of living that has skyrocketed ever since they ascended to power.

On his X (formerly Twitter) account the father of 2 shared two lines from his iconic hit song 'Wach Wach'

Shinski's post read, "Hii gava itasanyia hata ma-matha vibeti (bombastic side eye emojis) Wach Wach ndio venye naskia,"


Which loosely translates to;

"This government will even rob old ladies off their handbags, Wach Wach that is all I am hearing,"

In the said song, which was released back in 2020 as the 9th track of his debut solo album ‘Lucky You’ the artist sarcastically raps about the lies that the government feeds its people, atrocities that citizens go through in the hands of power-hungry individuals and the balance between survival and life.


Netizens seemed to quickly catch wind of Nyashinski's subtle message (jab at the government) and responded to the post with tales of their woes and frustrations echoing the words in his lyrics.

Below are a few comments from X users online;

realnduse: hio beat ilikua kali sana tukakosa kuskia message

@dola_2ne: So sad

Peru Gang@peru_nomad: Itabidi hata death certificate tuanze kuchanga sahi ama tu apply mapema before wapandishe tu shindwe ku afford.

ShankiAustine: Na mwizi pia anapunguza jam aki dedi

TuvaJr: Wach wach ndio venye naskia

NairobiScentsRuto atakuibia walenje ukidedi

BobbyVj: Driver, alight me here. Here is my stage. Kaende Kaende vile tu kutaenda wacha kuende

FatumaYattani:  100%

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