Naseeb Jnr Starts school in Tanzania

Tanasha Donna's son Naseeb Junior, whom she shares with Diamond Platnumz has joined a school in Tanzania.

The news was shared by the singer's mother Mama Dangote.

The young toddler has been in multiple videos and pictures with his grandmother Mama Dangote, as they bond.


The adoring grandmother September this year showed a video of Naseeb and Tanasha in Diamond's house with suitcases lying behind them.

In the video, Tanasha is heard in the background encouraging her son to say Salama Leikum.

Mama Dangote loved the moment so much, that she gave over the boy.


 "Tom Kaka has grown. At last Naseeb kichwa @diamondplatnumz wakes up in the morning to take his child to school... 🤲" she told of the family arrangement.

A month later Diamond and Naseeb celebrated their joint birthday. The two shared a birth date of October 2.

Since then, the popular family has let us in on their moments with Nassen and Zari Hassan's children who have also visited the family and met Naseeb.

Tanasha and Zari have also shown their acceptance of a blended family by severally sharing pictures of their children hanging out together.

The big question that remains is what about Hamisa Mobetto's son Dylan who is yet to be accepted by the musician.

There is a dispute over a DNA test that Diamond remains hesitant to accept.