US based Kenyan digital content creator Elsa Majimbo

US-based Kenyan comedian and content creator Elsa Majimbo has fired back at critics attacking her over her skimpy dress code.

An unapologetic Elsa acknowledged that she is aware that her fashion sense has changed but she is not sorry about it.

"I have seen a lot of comments saying how money has changed me so much. Of course, it has, are you joking? I was never humble; I was a victim of my circumstances. Do you know the difference?" Elsa Majimbo said in part.


The 22-year-old stated that her financial state had an impact on everything, including how she laughed.

"My net worth went through the roof; that's what happened to the old Elsa. Oh, I am rich; even the laugh is rich," Majimbo noted accompanied by light laughter.

Just the other day, Elsa faced backlash after stepping out in bad makeup and wig for an international event.


The content creator's picture that went viral was courtesy of Getty Images and Netizens were not pleased with her appearance.

Critics took to X app to express their displeasure in her appearance, something that has now forced her to clap back.

Actually, South Africans began mocking her for it, with Kenyans preferring to keep away, as opposed to defending one of their own.

A section of Kenyans opted to remind her that she disowned her country, and so they left South Africans to roast her.

South Africans were questioning why Elsa, a model for many brands, plus being in the public eye and beauty business, could not get her hair and makeup on point.

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