DJ Pierra Makena

DJ Pierra Makena is speaking out about the identity of the man netizens claim is her child's biological father.

Pierra has a 7-year-old daughter whose biological father is not known to the world.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Pierra said she is fine with his decision to be away from his daughter. 

"I cannot take a man to court I cannot sue a man because he has refused to take care of his child. No, please God help me to never do that," she said.

"I wish I could take a man to court so he can love the child. Love is more different than material. Let a man be there, let that man hug a baby when she needs the love and attention. Let them take care emotionally of their child,".

He got married when she was five months pregnant and when she told him 'aliruka hio stori'.

"I taught myself to be content when I realized I was pregnant and this guy was not going to be part of it. To be very clear, we had a very good relationship but after we broke up and I was pregnant he left. He did not even want anything to do with us and was very polite about it," she explained.

DJ Pierra Makena

She claims her baby daddy wasn't rude, or demeaning. "But five months later when I was pregnant, he got married. That was so hurting. I never thought I would move from that but I did"

She has moved on from that terrible moment and will never go knock on his door to beg.

 "I was happy for him because I thought he had found his happiness. God hopes he got his happiness. I really dont follow his life and I dont want to know what happens" she shared.

She dispelled social media rumors that her baby daddy was a married man when she was with him.

"Nooo, he was never married. Trust me I'm not that kind of chick" she assured

"We dated for a bit and then we broke up and then two weeks later that's when I discovered that I was pregnant after we had broken up," she cleared up allegations.

"And I think we stayed for about five months, and I think he met this other chick, and I think they connected, happily married, yeah as much as I got hurt at the fact he was getting married when I was carrying his child, I somehow had to live with it because that's life"

Eve asked her about a certain picture on Google of a man with her daughter. "Who is it, who? I dont know I dont know who you are talking about."

She has seen lists of men alleged to be her child's biological dad

"My baby meets a lot of people and they like to take pictures. Let me be honest why do I never talk about him? Coz now he is a married man. He has kids. imagine every time unaona bwana yako anaongelelewa vibaya. For the simple respect for what they have, I chose not to drag him into my family life. Secondly, he is not part of our lives."

Ricca has met him and has questions about it. "I'm like he's traveled, or he's just busy he will come. you guys will meet. He is away. I try to say such things but I always ensure that I tell her you know he loves you,".