Billnass. Whozu and Mbosso

The Tanzanian government through BASATA has lifted a ban imposed on three Musicians – Mbosso, Billnass, and Whozu after their music video landed them in trouble.

Through a new update, BASATA announced that the three will only pay a fine and continue doing music.

Last week, the three were banned from involving themselves in any musical activities over their “Ameyatimba Remix” video.


The country’s arts regulatory authority, Baraza La Sanaa La Taifa (BASATA) banned them for six (Whozu) and three months (Billnass and Mbosso) respectively starting from November 4, 2024.

The decision was made following a public uproar over the “Ameyatimba Remix” video that had been termed explicit- glorifying rape and sodomy.

The move forced the three to appeal to BASATA, asking for a more lenient punishment for the body.


They argued that they depend on music and concerts to provide for their families and therefore the ban will affect them and their families negatively.

The decision to lift the ban was made in a session that was graced by the three musicians, their managers, and the leadership of the Minister of Culture, Arts, and Sports, Dr. Damas Ndumbaro, and his Deputy Minister, Hamis Mwinjuma, popularly known as Mwana FA.

Whozu must pay a fine of Sh304,221 (Tsh5 million), Billnass a fine of Sh60,844 (Tsh1 million), and Mbosso a fine of Sh182,533 (Tsh3 million). Despite the fact that the bans have been lifted, the three must pay the fines before resuming work.

Basata is concerned that music released by Tanzanian artists adheres to the country's cultural traditions.