Photos: Eric Omondi and Lynne finally reveal daughter's face
Image: courtesy

Comedian Eric Omondi and his fiancée Lynne have finally unveiled the face of their daughter months after welcoming her to their family.

The couple revealed Princess Kyla Hailey Omondi’s face after landing a new deal that will see them smile to the bank.

The funnyman had mentioned that he will only reveal his daughter’s face after someone pays him a sum of Sh50, 000 and true to his word – he has been paid to reveal Kyla’s face.


Kyla has been unveiled as the new Brand Ambassador of Baby Shop – an apparel shop in Nairobi that sells kids' clothes.

The young princess Kyla Hailey has been appointed a brand Ambassador at only 4 months. 

“💃❤️Official brand ambassador at 4months,” Lynne Said.

“KYLA❤️. You’re soooo perfect and adorable mama. Literally the best thing that has ever happened in mummy and daddy’s lives. We love you soooo much❤️. Lemme know in the comments who you think kyla looks like😄😄,” Lynne added.

Eric Omondi's daughter Kyla
Image: courtesy

Omondi had promised to unveil Kyla’s face on Thursday, November 23, 2023, with a revelation that someone had paid him the Sh50,000 million he needed.

“Kuna Mtu Amefika Bei!!! Kuna Bazuuu Amewalipia muone PRINCESS🥰🥰❤😍...This Thursday at 10 am @kyla.omondi @l.y.nn.e 👶👶👼👼👼,” he said.

In August, the comedian whose career has been surrounded by many controversies announced that must be paid Sh50 million to reveal the face of his daughter.

“Kuona sura ya mtoto wangu itakuwa ni pesa nyingi sana, ili niifichue sura ya mtoto wangu nipewe shilingi milioni 50. Atakayenipa hizo pesa hata iwe gazeti utaziona hapo. Uso wa mtoto wangu ni mgumu sana kuona.

Namlipa kiasi hicho kwa sababu ni mtoto wa kipekee, usisahau ni ya Eric Omondi, na kwa kigezo hicho pekee ni milioni 50. Ni mrembo sana, nilimuona jana kwa scan. Tayari wakati anachunguzwa, naweza kumuona akitabasamu tu."

In an exclusive interview with Radio Jambo, Eric made it clear that he does not want to expose his daughter's face for his own personal benefit but is doing it for Kenyans who are suffering in these difficult economic times.

He said that this is just a way to raise money so that he can help people.

"Ninachanga pesa kusaidia watu. Ndio, kuona uso wa mtoto wangu, unatoa 50k namsaidia kijana. Saa hii ni ujanja tu, lazima tusurvive. Ni kubaya." He said.

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