Senator Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu, a nominated senator, has promised to advocate for a ban on 'Aluta Sundays' in all Nairobi clubs.

The overnight program that always goes from Saturday Night into Sunday, according to the young senator, is reportedly ruining many youths.

As she attempts to put an end to Nairobi's 24-hour party scene, the Senator warned club owners to take her comments as a public notice.


"Kuna kitu inaharibu vijana hapa Nairobi inaitwa Aluta. Hio fom mi ndio nitaichoma. Club owners this is your notice" Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu said.

Nyamu’s statement has elicited mixed reactions among partygoers and business people – many arguing that she is about to spoil a good thing.


Media personality Joyce Gituro weighed in on the conversation, welcoming Senator Nyamu’s move.


A few weeks ago, Gituro went viral while discussing ‘Aluta’ Sundays with her son Jakes Nyanjom.

Aluta Sundays – a Sunday service that kicks off at 6 am has become a popular spot for revelers around Nairobi Clubs.

The Idea first originated from Loft Lounge owners before it was quickly absorbed by other Nairobi clubs.

The program takes care of reggae lovers who don’t want to go home on Sunday morning after a proper Saturday, night out.

Aluta Sundays was inspired by the Jamaican culture, which sees revelers going to clubs as early as 6 am for endless hours of reggae music.

Reactions from Partygoers in Nairobi over Karen Nyamu’s statement

jeyb_classic Kuna ingine imeharibu afande inaitwa Senator Karen Nyamu, pia hii ipewe notice iende polepole Mhesh!

djdoubletrouble254 Sisi Kama ma KASISI tumekataa hio ujinga 😂

brendabilongo Izimwe alafu samido aende ku perform wapi?

joycekiarie_ Usiguze ile tunapatananga pale mirema drive zikishika😂😂

jojo_kk_jojo Unaichoma kama nani? Those men are way too powerful and rich. Hauwawezi.

liaulogeofrey Wee weka samidoh kamba asiende zabe usijaribu kutuchokoza