The Ultimate Chef's Table in collaboration with Pikika Brunch and Rubis Kenya held an exclusive culinary experience for food and music lovers at the Arboretum Grounds on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

The event had renowned chefs exhibiting their culinary skills and engaging fans with live cooking demonstrations.

Notable chefs included HD’s Kitchen, Big Smoke, Beauty and the Feast, Deeper than My Kitchen, The Mbuzi Gang, and Kaswi Cooks, among others.

There was also entertainment by Tracy Maina and Saxophonist Edward Nyati, DJ Mista Dru, DJ Gatmo, and DJ Panik.

The November 25th, event which was the Christmas Edition of Pikika brunch was also graced by several Kenyan celebrities who were out to sample the delicious meals prepared at the venue, in addition to interacting with their fans on the ground.

Some of those who were present include; Gospel singer and Podcaster Ben Cyco and his YouTuber Wife Wanjiru Njiru, content creator Maureen Waititu, TikTok Chef Sueh Owino, Chef  Wa Eastlando, Holy Dave, Muriuki Kagiri (The Dapper Bother) and his wife Tracey Kagiri among others.

Nyama Choma being prepared at Pikika Brunch
Moments captured at Pikika Brunch

The ultimate food festival that features notable food bloggers and several food vendors lived up to the hype as everything at the venue was top-notch.

It was well planned with a perfect rhythm of scrumptious cuisines, games, amazing music, and amazing attendees!

Pikika Brunch Fest - is a refreshing new way for people to enjoy and experience a tandem of food, drinks, activities, and entertainment all in one afternoon.

At the event, we were able to speak to several vendors, eager to find out their experience for the day and why they opted to be part of Pikika Brunch.

Josephine Njoki, a digital marketer from Global Tilapia was kind enough to share insights on what happens at their company and why they choose to be part of Pikika Brunch.

“We are a retail company that sells fish and we also own the entire value chain. Basically from farm to plate,” she noted in her opening statement.

She went on to state that despite being in Nairobi, they normally source their fish from Sindo, in Mbita Constituency.

Moments captured at Pikika Brunch

“We do cage farming and we own the cages in partnership with the local farmers who farm fish and then transport the fish. We have three centers – a filleting Centre, a Kitchen Centre. At the filleting center is where the fish is prepared and sent to supermarkets like Naivas and Chandarana and our online store,” she added.

According to Njeri, Global Tilapia supplies both fresh and deep-fried fish to its customers.

“Half of our stock is sold raw while the other half is sold as deep-fried. Once we deep-fry we freeze immediately in vacuum-sealed packaging that locks out all the oxygen. The fish can have a shelf life of up to 12 months,” Josephine explained.

Asked what inspired them to explore this new and fresh idea, she said;

“This was inspired by the affordability of fish and also to reduce the waste. Sometimes you get so much fish, and sometimes the market and the economy are not able to move all that fish. So with us deep-frying in bulk and freezing, we are reducing waste and also be able to sell the fish at a cost-effective price,”.

“At only Sh399 bob, because we believe every family needs to have a good source of protein. Making fish available and affordable to every Kenya.”

The Global Tilapia team noted that currently they have employed at least 150 people and the majority are women as they believe in women's empowerment.

What is going to be your biggest takeaway from Pikika Brunch Fest? The writer asked

“I’m happy to see Kenyans embracing food festivals. Coming in and supporting local business and I’m glad that Pikika came up with such an amazing concept,” Njeri noted.

“And also giving vendors like us an opportunity to showcase what we are doing to food lovers. It’s been an awesome event and they should do more of this.”

Global Tilapia has been on the market since 2018, but they launched their frozen fish (ready-to-eat) about eight months ago.

“We guarantee you quality, fresh fish and maintaining standards and being able to trace where your food comes from and who is behind the food that you eat, and source of the food you eat,” she added.

Media personality turned self-taught Chef Holy Dave Muthengi also expressed his gratitude to everyone who made the Pikika Brunch Fest a success.

“The Rubis Gas End of Year Edition of Pikika Brunch Fest was all this and more! Shout out to everyone who pulled up. Was nice to meet y’all, interact with y’all, and skia utamu with y’all,” HolyDave shared on social media.

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