Matatu tout who slapped passenger along Thika road arrested

A matatu conductor who assaulted a female passenger after complaints about not dropping her off has been arrested.

The tout in a video below shoves the woman around as he pulls her by her shirt before slapping her viciously.

He eventually pushes her away as she falls.


"Ulikuwa unanipigia nini? " she shouts some more running after him, as he scampers off.

The female passenger screamed and pointed at him, with her shouts attracting onlookers who quickly came to her rescue.

Several bystanders are seen chasing the man in question as they all disappear in front of the vehicle, before the viral video ends.


The 30-second clip has upset Kenyans who've reacted by seeking answers from the police.

tolani.claire..Hii Sacco gani..... Unapitisha mtu alafu una mchapa... 😢😢😢 a very stupid man with no respect

mwende6095...I salute the guy running after that guok👏

mromani._...makanga sometimes hukua watu stupid sana

jazenah...I think teasers and pepper spray should be legal at this point. We need to protect ourselves from this type of men as women. There is no reason that will ever make it right for a man to abuse a woman.


bobotev..Mimi nayo iyo Kofi huezi nipiga nikuache😂😂alafu who was recording 😂😂