3 Akorino ladies dancing provocatively in a club forced to apologize
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The Akorino girls dancing suggestively in a club video have asked Kenyans for forgiveness following a public outcry.

Kenyans called them out for not adhering to their strict religious beliefs.

Through philanthropist Karangu Muraya, the girls sought forgiveness. He announced their message

"They have asked for forgiveness, let's just forgive them... On behalf of Akurinu fraternity, we are sorry.."

He shared several pictures with the girls in what appeared to be a session advising them.

"I am here with the girls and I keep saying we are all sinners. So I called them and advised them. "

They also were seen in a video Thursday, Nov 30, with Karangu apologetically speaking in a live Facebook session

"I want you guys to see the children you are condemning. This is Shiru, she is 21, Nyambura, is 19, and Mary Abigail, is 21 years old. Guys, I would like you to put yourselves in their shoes. They are very young girls, I met these young girls after they wrote me a message to meet me, in a panic after the video. So I decided to bring them on Facebook"

Karangu also urged Kenyans to stop cyberbullying.

"Girls, I will not lie to you that you didn't do bad. Yes, what you did was bad, but you are our children, we are embracing you. No one will beat you because you are a mokorino. I am your big brother, you have been raised with your kilemba, as parents before casting the stone, remember they are young. Please stop circulating the videos, one day your child can also do the same thing and be shamed."

Lucy Wambui...I can't judge them bcos I am a sinner

Deniz Klin....Wacheni niwaambie wakorino walitoka kwa mungu kitambo sana kama hata maisha ya nazerine walishindwa juu wanatka kumalizia na mwili

Mureti Mutiga....Forgiving them simply bcos of doing what makes them happy.Hapana

Moses Kiragu...Only GOD has the power to forgive someone,,, Do whatever you want, the judgment belongs to your creator,