Azziad, Mama Baha & Dorea among celebrities who attended Pink ladies’ Meet N' Greet

Celebrities including Azziad Nasenya, Dorea Chege, Mama Baha (Wanjiku Mburu), and Pascal Tokodi graced the much-anticipated Meet N' Greets hosted by Pink Ladies.

The event was held at Prestige Plaza Cinemax movie theatre along Ngong Road on Friday, December 8.

The Pink Ladies drama series, which premiered last month and airs on Startimes’ Rembo television features Shix Kapienga as Trizah, Azziad Nasenya (Cecilia), Dorea Chege (Anne), Brenda Gesare (Stephanie) and Pascal Tokodi (Charlie) among others.


Speaking during a media interview, Azziad Nasenya expressed her joy at engaging with fans, emphasizing the importance of adopting meet-and-greet sessions in the film sector.

She highlighted the significance of bringing celebrities and fans together, believing it plays a crucial role in promoting Kenya's film and art industry.

She noted that the film industry in Kenya in recent years has witnessed a massive growth and government supporting encouraging youths to seek opportunities in the sector by also utilizing their digital space well.


“I’m very excited to have interacted with our fans at Pink Ladies meet and greet session, we have watched several episodes of the drama series and I think this should be the way to go as it will help to bridge the gap and promote the film sector in Kenya,” she said.

Mama Baha, popularly known as Mama Baha praised the positive impact of digital platforms like TikTok in nurturing aspiring artists.

She encouraged youths to seize opportunities within the industry and utilize digital spaces effectively to generate income.

 “Our youths should embrace every opportunity that presents itself and they should not give up at any level, “she said.

Dorea Chege echoed Mama Baha's sentiments, stating that Pink Ladies meet and greet session provided an excellent opportunity for the cast to connect with dedicated fans, share moments, and enjoy episodes of the drama series.

She commended Startimes for organizing the event, emphasizing its role in fostering direct interaction and feedback from the audience.

 “We are happy for Startimes for organizing meet and greet for pink ladies drama series as it has given us an opportunity to interact and get feed backs face to face from our fans,” she said.

Mike Mwai, Head of Public Relations at Startimes, emphasized the importance of such meet-and-greet events in promoting local content.

He revealed the company's commitment to organizing various events, including campus tours in the upcoming year, to further support and nurture the local film industry.

“When it come to the promotion of local content, Startimes is number one and we will continue partnering with local film producers and actors in promotion of the film industry in Kenya,”Mwai said.

Mwai congratulated everyone who participated in the meet-and-greet event, expressing confidence that such initiatives would enhance trust and credibility within the art industry.