Abel Mutua, Njugush and Abel Mutua

Award-winning actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua has once again ignited a friendly fire with his longtime friend Timothy Kimani aka Njugush as he celebrates 13 years in marriage with wife Wakavinye.

A cheeky Mutua shared a doctored image of Njugush posing with his wife Celestine Ndinda as he wished the two a happy anniversary.

In the said picture, Njugush had been edited to appear small, with Mutua jokingly celebrating Wakavinye as he takes a jibe at Njugush.

Dear Ngongoss!

Youre one of a kind. It takes a real woman to see a future where theres none. You have really done the Lords work with that human. Ukichoka wachilia mzigo. Youve already done enough. Happy anniversary to YOU Ngongoss. Just YOU! @celestinendinda, read Abel Mutua messages while celebrating the Kimanis.

Mutuas photo of the Kimanis let a section of their fans in stitches.

The two (Njugush and Abel) who are close family friends and even business partners are known for igniting friendly from time to time.

A few weeks ago, Njugush was at it again after he edited Abels photo replacing his head with that of a Dog while wishing him a happy wedding anniversary.

Before that, Mutua was roasting Njugush after his son Tugi graduated. On a lighter note, Mutua shared Tugis photos with his parents saying that he is the first person in the Kimanis family to wear a graduation gown complete with a hat.

Aahhhh. Congratulations Tugi!!!! First in the family to wear a graduation hat. Wazazi wako waligraduate na overalls kama mafundi wa baisikeli. 不不不不不, Abel Mutua captioned Tugis photo.

Mutua, Njugush, and his wife graduated with Diplomas from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and that means one thing, they never wore the graduation hat.

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