Femi One, Bien, Sofiya, Bourtross and Maandy
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Welcome music enthusiasts! As we bid farewell to the echoes of 2023, it's time to reminisce and celebrate the sonic gems that graced our ears throughout the year.

From chart-topping hits that dominated the airwaves to hidden gems that sparked a musical revolution, 2023 was a year that pushed the boundaries of creativity and expression.

Join us on a rhythmic journey as we unveil the top songs that defined the soundscape of 2023, showcasing the diverse talents and genres that captivated hearts and minds around the globe.

Whether you're a hip-hop, afrobeat, Arbantone or Gengetone devotee, there's something for everyone in this curated collection of musical brilliance.

So, without further ado, let the melodies of 2023 transport you to a time when each beat and lyric held the power to make us feel, dance, and connect in ways we'll never forget.

Femi One, Bensoul, Sofiya Nzau, Bien and Scar Makadinali - 60 biggest Kenyan songs released in 2023
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Here are the biggest Kenyan Tunes released in 2023 

Mwaki by Zerb ft Sofiya Nzau

The Kikuyu song Mwaki by Sofiya M Nzau ft Zerb was among the most viral songs in the world in 2023. 

"Mwaki" is a Kikuyu song that talks about a woman's fear of her father when he finds out she is married to a man who isn't up to the standards the father wanted.

The song originally belonged to Sofiya Nzau but Zerb decided to add some beats to it and created a remix of the song adding more flavour as compared to the original song.

The remixed song became a TikTok sensation uniting all Kikuyus and international fans over the outstanding song.

The song’s TikTok success has largely contributed to its streaming success, notably on Spotify where it has garnered over 1 million streams. 

The Mwaki audio has over 5.4 million views on YouTube.

Miss Behaviour – Boutross ft Savara & Fathermoh 

"Miss Behaviour" is a new single by Boutross as a follow-up to his hit single #Angela.

Here Boutross linked up with Sauti Sol’s Savara and Fathermoh. The song was produced by Kunakuna Producer Vic West and so far more than 1.6 million people have watched the song on YouTube.

Angela – Boutross ft Juice Man 

Released on January 4th, 2023 Angela is off Boutross’s EP Mawingu. The song was produced by VicWest while its video was shot by Ivan Odie. The song has accumulated over 6.5 million views on YouTube and still counting.

Angela is a party song. 

Kaskie Vibaya – Fathermoh ft Ssaru 

One of the biggest songs that was released in 2023 was Kaskie Vibaya. The song topped charts across various streaming platforms and at the same time elicited mixed reactions due to its lyrics.

Kaskie Vibaya also brought out the awesome Chemistry between Fathermoh and Ssaru. The tune has over 11 million views on YouTube and it was produced by Vicwest.

TikToker – Soundkraft ft Gody Tennor, Tips Gee & Kappy 

In 2023 a new sound called Arbantone emerged and one of the songs from the genre that did really well is TikToker.

The song which blew up on TikTok song featured Soundkraft, Tipsy Gee, and Kappy before other people noticed it.

The song was produced by Motif the Don and Soundkraft and has over 3.3 million views and counting.

Lifestyle – Bien ft Scar Mkadinali 

Sauti Sol led Vocalist Bien-Aime Baraza released his first Album “Alusa Why Are You Topless” in 2023 after the Sauti Sol split.

From the Album, the song Lifestyle happens to be a fan favorite. It has received most streams across various streaming platforms.

The Audio to the song has over 1.1 million views on YouTube since being uploaded on November 17, 2023.

Ma Cherie - Bien

Ma Cherie is another banger found in the “Alusa Why Are You Topless” Album. The song has been accorded massive support, especially on TikTok where several dance challenges were initiated.  

The Ma Cherie video – has a nostalgic, vintage footage from Kenya showcasing Bien's love for retro.

Too Easy – Bien ft DJ Edu 

Just as the title suggests, Too Easy is a banger that easily captures the attention of the listener.

It was produced by DJ Edu and so far more than 5 million people have watched the song. 

Under the Influence - Femi One ft. Nyashinski

Kaka Empire Queen Femi One teamed up with Nyashisnki one more time to give fans an evergreen tune dubbed Under the Influence.

On this tune, Femi One and Nyashinski show off their verse skills without overshadowing each other and their punchy lines keep the energy high and make you want to hit that repeat button.

The Audio to the song was produced by Motif Di Don for Kaka Empire while the video was directed by Steve Mugo. The video has over 830K views on YouTube. 

Bubbly – Maandy Kabaya

Bubbly Bubbly is one of the biggest 2023 Arbontone songs. Here Maandy performs #bubblybubbly with endearing flows and amazing rhymes on a riddim tune.

The song was Mixed and mastered by Metro Amesuka Doba and has over 2.1 million views.

Kesho - Bridget Blue

Kesho was released on October 2, 2023, by Bridget Blue and it talks about life seasons.

The video to the song explains this in detail. In every season, we have to keep on going, hoping for a better tomorrow.

The song was produced and Directed by J Blessing. 

‘Kwa Bar’ by Odi Wa Murang'a ft. Fathermoh & Harrycraze

Here Odi Wa Murang’a teams up with Fathermoh and Harrycraze to deliver this master piece 

The message in the song is directed to that High school “Mean Maths teacher”. More than 3.3 million people have watched the video to the song. 

Navutishwa – Bensoul ft Bien-Aime

Navutishwa is off Bensoul’s album The Lion of Sudah which dropped in 2023. Here Bensoul recruited Bien for the song that was mixed and mastered by Hendrick Sam.

The song talks about the struggles of being single in Nairobi before finding that special partner.

No Body – Darassa Ft Bien 

On February 24, 2023, Tanzanian rapper Darassa linked up with Bien for a song dubbed “No Body”.

This was one of the biggest collaborations in 2023 between a Kenyan and Tanzanian artiste.

The Audio to the song was produced by Abbah Process. Over 8.5 million people have watched the song on YouTube.

Perfect Design – Nyashinski

The Perfect Design music video features Nyashinski’s wife as the main video vixen. Here Nyash sings his heart out to his wife. 

The song has over 3.9 million views on YouTube.

  1. Khadija (Sakata Rumba) - Ndovu Kuu ft. Vijana Barubaru
  2. Chunga - Wakadinali
  3. Shiro (Remix) – Kappy ft Trio Mio and Kushman
  4. My Baby – Bien ft Arya Starr
  5. Balaluu – Wakadinali
  6. Achia – Trio Mio 
  7. GoodBye – Buruklyn Boyz 
  8. Pewa –Femi One 
  9. Shots – Cedo ft Nyashinski 
  10. McMca – Wakadinali
  11. Confuse Me – Boutross ft Swahili Pai & DEZ
  12. Hepi – Femi One ft King Kaka & Mbithi
  13. Naskia Wah – Boondocks ft Ethic 
  14. By the Way – Maandy ft Mejja & Trio Mio
  15. Kamata Freestyle – Breeder LW
  16. Top Scorer – Wakadinali 
  17. Clout Chaser – Karun
  18. Sijawai – Octopizzo 
  19. Cool Me Down – Vicwest ft Savara, Bensoul, the Exit band, Joefess
  20. Romantic Call- Vijana Barubaru 
  21. One Call Away – Otile Brown 
  22. Lele – YBW Smith 
  23. Nvirii the Storyteller – Nikilewa 
  24. Total Man - Juliani 
  25. Trust Issues – Charisma 
  26. Caliweed- Ajay ft Buruklyn Boyz
  27. Toa Njeve – Xray ft Scar Mkadinali 
  28. Peng Ting – Iphoolish, Unspoken Salaton & Shifuu
  29. Bad Girl – Swat Matire, Fathermoh & Shekina Karen
  30. Mimi Na Wewe – Nadia Mukami
  31. We Decide – Mejja
  32. Siko Sure - Nadia Mukami
  33. Cham Thum – by Watendawili 
  34. Baby You - Bahati and Nadia Mukami 
  35. Duk Jawiro – Prince Indah 
  36. Fena Gitu ft. Okello Max - Pogna Matin
  37. Stance – Wakadinali 
  38. Kwame – Khaligraph Jones ft Harmonize 
  39. Sikutambui - Wakadinali 
  40. Punguza Ego – Mejja 
  41. Diana – Bahati ft Bruce Melody 
  42. Wapi Compe – Octopizzo
  43. Nimependa remix - Guardian Angel .x. Deus Derrick ft. Sammy G
  44. Mali Safi Chito - Marakwet Daughter
  45. Hazardous - Trio Mio ft. Breeder LW