TB Joshua

In the tapestry of notable figures, TB Joshua stands as a significant thread, recognized for his influential presence in spiritual circles.

Born in 1963 in Nigeria in a town called  Arigidi Akoko, in Ondo State, as Temitope Balagun Joshua his early years set the stage for a life that would later intertwine faith, philanthropy, and a touch of controversy.

Joshua was born into a blended Christian and Muslim family. He grew up Christian but was taken under his Muslim uncle's wing following the death of his father.


Interestingly, details about his family life, his parents and whether he had siblings remain relatively private.

According to SCOAN, the church he founded later on in life, he attended St. Stephen's Anglican Primary School in Arigidi Akoko, Nigeria, between 1971 and 1977.

However, after just a year of secondary school Joshua quit. He decided to abandon the books and left to work on a poultry farm. That seemingly didn't work out and in a bid to find greener pastures, the late Joshua attempted to join the Nigerian military.


Sadly, this never got to materialize due to a train breakdown that left him stranded en route to the military academy.

Eventually, he found his way to The School of Prophets, where he not only cultivated his spiritual knowledge and understanding but also gained the name "The Spiritual Maverick,"


In the private realms of family, TB Joshua was married to Evelyn Joshua. While the exact number of their children is not widely disclosed, it is believed the couple has 12 kids...a whole football team!

Although some media outlets report he only had 3 kids, his personal life before he passed on aged 57 years was so heavily guarded that there was no way of ascertaining this.

Yet again details of his family life remained somewhat guarded, to allow them a sense of normalcy amid his public spiritual role

Before becoming a global televangelist, the late TB Joshua worked as a labourer and engaged in menial jobs.to make ends meet as he'd come from a very poor background. 


After finding his calling in the ministries, the late Joshua established The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos with only one other branch situated in Ghana.

The SCOAN became a prominent religious institution and attracted followers from Nigeria and around the world. The church's headquarters, situated in the Ikotun-Egbe area of Lagos, served as a focal point for his ministry and the various humanitarian activities associated with his work.

The late Joshua also owned Emmanuel TV, which he used to televise his work and teachings. 

He was deemed "Africa's richest pastor" and was linked to several businesses and offshore accounts although he denied being an entrepreneur.

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