Phoina Tosha splashes Sh800K on liposuction for that 'fire waist'

Beauty entrepreneur Phoina Tosha is happy with the results of the cosmetic procedure she did in 2023.

The businesswoman spoke to Mpasho's Kalondou Musyimi where she advised that undergoing plastic surgery should be a personal decision and not influenced one.

She added that she wasn't happy with her previous body shape and that is why she opted to transform her body using liposuction.


“As you can see, my waistline is reduced. Body by Design did an amazing job. So I'm super proud of that. That was an achievement by the way for me. I did a liposuction. I removed fats from my body, so if you have fats and the money please don’t be afraid to remove them,” Phoina said.

Phoina has no immediate plans to make any more cosmetic changes to her body. She is content and watching to see how everything unfolds.

"This year I want to save money and watch my Bank account expand,” she added.


The Beautyprenuer went on to say that her cosmetic producer was very affordable as she spent only Sh800, 000.

"It was affordable because it was less than Sh1 million. It's around 800 and something. All inclusive. So it's something you can do if you want to,” Phoina noted.

Phoina also noted that her plan for 2024 is to complete her mansion.

"A Grand Mansion Loading where my twin Babies will grow up running around in a perfectly serene place. 2023 was the best year yet, am so grateful for 2023, I achieved a lot in life and as a person.

"Decided to play the Main Character in my Life, can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for us,” she said.