Actress Marya Okoth

Comedian Oliver Otieno aka YY comedian’s wife Marya Okoth is the newest car owner in town.

The actress and content creator shared photos of her new car on social media – testifying the God has been wonderful to her.

A happy Ms Okoth expressed gratitude towards her fans for always supporting her craft. She also appreciated her hubby YY for being her pillar of strength.


“WHAT CAN HE NOT DO!!🥹😭😭😭. I know tomorrow will be crowded, so Happy Valentine’s To Me!🥰🥰🚙 Well done Marya, you deserve this❤️🥰

“Special thanks to everyone who has been a contributor towards my career❤️ Family, Friends and my Fans, tuendelee na kazi sasa😎😎. To my God-sent Oliver Otieno Odhiambo, @yycomedian, for holding my hand step by step till this far, God bless you Jatelo❤️ ABUNDANTLY,” Marya Okoth said.

Actress Marya Okoth

The ‘A Nurse Toto’ actress went on to share a testimony – narrating all the struggles she has been through.

“From FOOSTUBISHI to MISTUBISHI💃🏽🔥🥰 (Suggest a good name for the new baby😅)

“This is a post of hope to everyone who was a “Tuone atafika wapi” teenager; God is the only one with the final say🙏🏾. A special thanks to @dingaworld for being a trusted car dealing company🤝,” the actress added.

At the same time, YY comedian penned a congratulatory message to his wife for acquiring a new car.

“God is Good @marya_okoth👏👏👏…congratulations on your 1st Ride…usicheze na Mungu…may this Ride come with more humility into your life…may there be zero pride but thanksgiving,” YY said.

“May you never stop working and dreaming …May it never get into your head…To more opportunities,to more businesses and to more prayers….You have not seen cars, saa hii unataka kuzinunua kama njugu….ya kwanza ndio huwa noma na umetoboa….sisi tuko hapa kando kupiga makofi,”.