Claudia Naisabwa lands new TV job days after leaving KTN

Fast-rising media personality Claudia Naisabwa has become the latest addition to join TV47. 

Claudia who left KTN just the other day has joined Willis Raburu and MC Gogo on Wabebe Experience.

Shari g the news, Ms Naisabwa expressed her joy of landing a new TV job that will see her do what she loves the most.


“TIME FOR AN UPGRADE to your Friday entertainment with the best female TV host in AFRICA. Catch me on the biggest entertainment show 🤩🤩 @wabebexpofficial every Friday from 10pm to midnight

You don’t want to miss the BEST ENTERTAINER IN ACTIOn #ClaudiaTheForce," Claudia shared.

At the same time, Willis Raburu also used his socials to welcome Naisabwa to TV47 as she joined his team.


“An all new Wabebe Experience! Welcome, @claudia_naisabwa @mc.gogo_ The takeover continues at 10PM @tv47ke follow @wabebexpofficial #WabebeExperience,” Willis Shared.

Claudia Naisabwa Leaves KTN

Naisabwa who used to host Str&Up Live along with Joe de Baddest announced her departure from KTN on January 27, 2024.

She expressed her gratitude to the KTN management for banking on her for the past two years.

An emotional Claudia could not hold back her tears while bidding Goodbye to her fans and viewers at the TV station.

“As I mark 3 years in the media industry today, I bid KTN goodbye. THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!! Str8up was my baby🥺🥺

Today, I say goodbye to the only TV family I’ve known for 2 years. It was emotionally overwhelming. I worked with the best team, you all have my heart❤️ THE FORCE is not getting off TV anytime soon….ANNOUNCING MY NEW HOME SOOON🤩🤩,” Claudia Naisabwa shared.

Claudia joined KTN after being poached from SPM Buzz- an online media house owned by comedian Eddie Butita.

"MARKING 3 YEARS IN THE MEDIA INDUSTRY TODAY !! On the 27th of January 2021, I walked into a room to pitch myself as a host. Luckily, I got the job 🤩 and it’s been a bliss since. GREATNESS AWAITS ‼️HAPPY MEDIAVERSARY TO ME ❤️," Claudia added.