Media Personality Betty Kyallo

Media Personality Betty Kyallo is out her cautioning men to salivate over her vacation photos.

The former News anchor shared thirsty-trap pictures on her Instagram while on vacation at the Coast and users could not help it but gush over her.

This act promoted the mother of one to react – warning those who were rushing to her DMs to stop the behavior


She acknowledged that she was not ready to date young men.

“Lakini mko na Njaa” she said in one post.

“My DM is too wild today. You all chill. I was not looking or lurking… and no, I can’t adopt a 23-year-old bouncing baby boy.


I’m sorry, please understand. I had fun with over 200K interactions but bruh it’s enough. Good Night. Love you all,” Betty Kyallo said.

In a separate post, Ms Kyallo asked her fans to guess the discussion she was having with her mother after sharing their picture online.

“Mum wakianza kuuliza zile maswali za pressure. What do you think she’s asking me in this pic? Betty captioned the photo.

Many rushed into the comment section and stated that she was being asked to look for a husband and settle down.

Later she replied; “Mumu alikuwa tu anuliza kama nilizima gas na pasi when we left home for Mombasa, You guys got an issue,”.

At the same time, the media personality mentioned that society likes to give women in their 30s to get married.

“Society: Stop dating women older than 30. Reality: Women older than 30. HECTIC. Mwa Nye,” she said.

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