Mulamwah and Ruth K

Digital content creator and budding actress Ruth Kirui  is sharing her experiences as a first time mom noting that it is both joy and immense pain coupled up in one.

Ruth and her husband, comedian ad talent manager Mulamwah welcomed their first child together, a healthy baby boy a week ago.

The couple introduced their bundle of joy across socials as Oyando Junior affectionately known as Kalamwah.


Speaking about how her week into motherhood has been, Ruth K narrated it was not a walk in the park. Adding the full time job had its fair share of ups and downs to tackle. The new mom also revealed that her biggest challenge was breastfeeding... a new job she notes has been a terrible experience for her.

"Motherhood is sweet. I cannot complain, but it has many ups and downs. There are many challenges, but we still push on and try our best," started off the budding actress in a YouTube video posted on her channel.

Ruth went on to narrate how she had developed sores which made feeding her bay a nightmare for her. She revealed that the experience was so painful that she would cry as she tried suckling her baby due to the wounds around her breasts.

"I felt so much pain until I would shed tears. I had some painful wounds which made me uncomfortable and uneasy. I would breastfeed in all styles and positions, looking for a comfortable way to breastfeed my son Kalamwah," Mulamwah's new baby mama said.

Finishing up on that topic Ruth narrated how Mulamwah could not relate with her state as she complained about breastfeeding although he tried being supportive. She added that soon as the pain started dying down she began enjoying moments shared with her son while he fed saying it helps her bond with the little one.

"He would not understand, but it was a terrible experience for me. Before you heal, it takes a while. But I love the breastfeeding moment where I bond with my son. It is very fulfilling," said Ruth.

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