Eric Omondi blames Kenyans for Eve Mungai and Trevor's breakup

Eric also asked Eve Mungai to reach out to him once she flew back into the country from her Zanzibar trip.

Comedian Eric Omondi

Media personality and comedian Eric Omondi has publicly stated his willingness to have a sit down with former couple Eve Mungai and Director Trevor to try and help them reconcile.

Eric voiced that he believed the two still stood a chance as he attributed their split to social media pressure and interference from outside noise.

He argued that over time the noise has a way of getting to people times without them even knowing which can lead to issues among couples which eventually tumbles down to a breakup.


"That was people interfering with other people's lives. I feel like Kenyans and friends have made this happen.

People have played a bigger part, Kenyans and close friends and acquaintances. It is not that they listened to people but overtime..." candidly stated the father of 2 during a sit down he had with YouTube content creator Trudy Kitui.

Mungai Eve and Director Trevor in a past file
Image: Courtesy/ Instagram

Still on the topic, the funnyman offered a few words of advice to Trevor asking the young man to call him so that they could have a one-on-one sit down.

Eric also asked Eve Mungai to reach out to him once she flew back into the country from her Zanzibar trip.

He expressed his desire to have a sit down with the young couple to try and map the way forward.


"Call me, and we will meet the three of us. Kenyans have made you trend, take that, sit down, use it, and push your channel," stated the controversial comedian.

News of Trevor and Eve's breakup rocked the internet yesterday after Trevor revealed he had fired Eve Mungai and was re-branding her YouTube channel (which apparently he owns) as well as her Facebook page and another YouTube account with the handle 'Insta Famous.'

The news left many shocked as even though there were speculations of their split, nothing had been confirmed yet and the couple had been spotted on several events together.

However, according to Trevor he and Eve broke up months ago and were only putting up a charade for the screens.

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