The Murayas and The Agundas

Gospel singer Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo played host to singer Evelyn Wanjiru and her hubby Agunda on their reality TV show dubbed “Love in The Wild” that airs on TV47 every Sunday.

The couple who started with exciting games and challenges at the Waterfront Karen later divided into marriage and its challenges.

They started by highlighting some of the key pillars that have kept them together as a couple. They touched on Trust, teamwork, understanding, partnership, love, and friendship among other values that have kept them together.

At one point the Muraya got candid with the Agunda, trying to understand how their marriage survived when they could not get a child for 10 years.

 “How did you guys manage to stay in marriage for 10 years without a child? Size 8 asked.

“As friends, we had so many things we were doing together and as friends, you always have to walk every journey together…You pray and trust, and it manifests,”.

Wanjiru interjected saying “We started off as friends, when never started as girlfriend and boyfriend, because when friends differ they always find a way to iron out their differences,”.

The Agundas mentioned that despite the challenges they remained optimistic, trusting that one day God will bless them with a child.

The Murayas and The Agundas

During the conversation, Size 8 pointed out that most men don’t know how to support or stand with their wives in such situations.

 “Most men opt to look for side chicks and end up getting kids out of wedlock and eventually they even leave their wives. But from Agunda we have seen that this is a man who loves with Agape love,” Size 8 added.

At the same time, Agunda stated that being a principled man helped his marriage to survive all the challenges.

He said that after Size 8 sought to find out he was never influenced or advised to look for another woman to sire kids with.

“So many times I felt like I was failing him but I did not want to show him,” Wanjiru added.

“It was the hardest issue in our lives, in fact, if somebody mentioned it were not even comfortable talking about it.

Size 8 added; “I applaud this couple and a big thumbs up to Agunda, I really celebrate this couple because most men don’t know how to endure when there is a childbearing issue in the family,”.

The Agunda reveals that they started buying kids' clothes every time they could travel outside the country even though they had not been blessed by a child

“We started buying baby clothes when we were only 4 years in marriage… walking by faith. We even made the room for our baby and it stayed for 5 years without a baby.