Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu

Award-winning singer and WCB President Diamond Platnumz is out here begging his lover Zuchu for forgiveness hours after she announced their breakup.

Chubu Dangote traveled from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar to surprise Zuchu at her show as he begged her to take him back.

The singer confessed that he had been advised by his close friend called Haji Manara to fight for his love.


“My brother Haji Manara advised me to drop my ego and go to Zanzibar to ask for forgiveness and maybe I might be taken back by Zuchu.

“After arguing and being adamant for some time, I realized he was right. So I'm on my way to Zanizabar to do exactly that,” Diamond said. 

"So what I need from you is creativity on how I’m going to pull this off and your presence at the show. So please come and help me as I ask for forgiveness,”.


Following the announcement, Platnumz took a private jet to Zanzibar as promised to ask Zuchu for forgiveness.

Later, he could be seen on stage, begging his signee and lover to take him back while kneeling.

The two were singing one of their collaborations and Zuchu could not help but smile all the time Diamond was doing his thing.

Zuchu Dumps Diamond

On Friday, Zuchu took many by surprise –announcing that she was no longer dating Diamond Platnumz.

"Hello fan-milly . I had to post this to clear my conscience. From today Nasibu (Diamond) nd I are not together I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is to leave someone you love, I pray to god that it be the last and I start a new LIFE. Love is respect. Unfortunately, that is what is missing in our place," she wrote


Zuchu went on to wish the singer and his family the very best as she assured fans that business would be as usual with her boss turned ex-lover.

"As for him we still have work together. I wish him and his family the absolute best. We have lived well but I think this is not livelihood. this year I have learned to say no to everything that doesn't give me joy or after saying okay I see that I am going to start a new page with a life full of joy, freedom, and peace. As for now let the work continue and I am single,” she said.

Later Diamond sarcastically reacted to the news of being dumped – asking his fans to pray for him.

“My friends, as you heard,(we have split up). I need your prayers, sympathy, and closeness at this period of my singlehood so that I can get strength and comfort in this difficult period😭😭😭),” Diamond wrote.

Was the Diamond and Zuchu breakup fake or real?