Aziza Hashim

Media personality Aziza Hashim has revealed that she scored an A plain in High School after studying at a National school.

In a recent interview, Azeezah revealed that he parents wanted her to pursue medicine before she changed her mind and went for Journalism.

The 10 over 10 host who is among the fast-rising media personalities mentioned that her heart was never in the medical field and if she could have been forced to pursue that, she would have just done it to impress her father.


Ms Hashim further stated that her dream to pursue medicine died out of fear of handling wounds and other scary things that come with the career.

“My whole life I have been a straight-A student and I was quite an introvert. I wanted to do medicine but not for myself, for my dad but I didn’t just show up.

“I was afraid of looking at wounds and all that because I can't even look at someone when they get hurt. We will cry together. I had been called to do medicine because I scored a straight A at a National school,” Azzizah told Mwende Macharia.

She went on to narrate; “At the back of my mind I knew I would love being a media personality, I love listening to radio but I could not say it because how do you tell people that you went to a National school and you want to be a media personality- a radio or even a TV host. They would think that you are lost because we have not moved away from that mentality of, You can be successful as a DJ, or TV host.

“We are usually told to go to school and become a doctor, lawyer, pilot and all that,”.

Aziza Hashim

Aziza Hasshim Joins 10over10

Aziza Hashim was officially introduced as Willis Raburu’s replacement on 10 over 10 in October 2023 alongside Hypeman Gudah.

"I still can’t believe I’ll be hosting the biggest entertainment show in the 254. Enyewe God is great. This and every other Friday on Citizen TV Kenya, the baddest TV duo will be on your screens. Your Fridays are never gonna be the same again. Gear ni 5," Azeezah said.

On August 14, a source who spoke to Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo divulged that Azeezah who left NTV was headed to Citizen TV.

“Yes it's true, Azeezah has been picked as Willis Raburu’s replacement on 10 over 10 and she will be unveiled soon,” the source said.

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