Zari Hassan, Mange Kimambi and Shakib

Businesswoman Zari Hassan is out here blasting Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi for paying her husband Shakib to dish out ‘tea’ on her.

In a post titled ‘Petty Wednesday”, on February 28, 2024, Zari argued that Mange always pretends to be her biggest critic yet she is obsessed with her.

According to Ms Hassan, Mange paid her estranged hubby at least Sh146, 000 for him to accept an interview on her platform.


“Ohh simpendi bi tuks but u paid a whole $1000 to someone to give you tea about me. Tell me you’re my one fan, without telling me you're so obsessed with me.

"So invested in my life. With that obsession, u can kill someone. Here is the best part, even after editing, you came out with nothing. He couldn't give you what you wanted. Baby send me roses with some of that money, (LAUGHS).

If nionyeshe nakupenda bila kuniambia unanipenda was a person, ni skeleton kimavi Bwa ha ha ha,” Zari Hassan said.

Zari's reaction comes hours after Mange invited her followers to go and watch the Shakib interview on her paid-for platform.

Zari Hassan's post

Trouble In Paradise 

Just the other day, Zari also admitted that her marriage to Shakib is on the rocks and many viewed her hubby’s acceptance to be on Mange’s App as a betrayal of the highest order.

Zari said her husband didn't leave for Uganda because of the video she made holding hands with her baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz but they already had issues.

She added that the video was just a catalyst to their issues as he felt disrespected.

Zari has admitted that they are giving each other space.

"I said let me give myself space because we have been having issues since last year. When he went back to Uganda, it was more like giving ourselves space to see how this goes."

She also apologized for the video she took with Diamond Platnumz

"From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry that I hurt him like that, I should have been more responsible. For that, I apologize."

Last week, a video went viral that showcased Shakib getting cozy with a Ugandan female deejay. Zari accused Shakib of leaking the video to his blogger friends.

"I knew they dated in 2019-2020. Shakib was the one who gave the video to bloggers to spread it,".

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