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Digital content creator and brand influencer Kabi WaJesus recently walked us down memory lane as he recalled his life back in the slums of Kayole.

In his recollection, Kabi stunned many by revealing that besides doing drugs at a very tender age he also used to work for a gang of goons that controlled the area.

"At some point, I joined small gangs, and I almost joined the then huge crime sect that used to operate in Kayole.


I was in class 6 at the time. A friend of mine told me we needed to go and get circumcised so that we can now become full members of the sect," started off the father of 3 while speaking to Obinna.

Kabi noted that out of fear of his parents and those around him finding out what he was doing and involved in, he opted not to get circumcised at the moment as it would have been a big deal.

However, he still did join the sect but as an errand boy because he had yet to meet the criteria for being a full gang member.


"I still joined it but under boys who collect money around the neighbourhood. Like if you cook chips, I'll come to your place for money.

All the touts back then even knew me. I was the boy who used to collect 'protection money' so I'd pick money for these guys and 'security money'. I wasn't a thief but I used to be sent by thieves to collect their money," the 32-year-old digital content creator narrated.

Kabi WaJesus
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Touching on his life on drugs, the aspiring musician openly listed all the drugs he's ever done while stating that he started doing drugs while still in primary school.

"You know when you are in Kayole, you need kukuwa mnoma hii kitu (proceeds to illustrate the art of smoking) ndio kusema,"

Kabi went on to highlight that by the time he was in class 5, he used to smoke marijuana like a pro.


"I got a better exposure ya weed when I was in class 5, like naipiga vizuri. A full blunt on my own, yes I'm just there smoking a joint on my own."

Kabi and his wife Milly WaJesus at Akothee's wedding
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Kabi then listed other drugs that he was doing back then, while still in primary school he added, noting that luckily he never got to try out hard drugs as they require huge sums of money and he was just a broke kid.

"Other drugs as well, we also started doing kuber and drinking changaa (illicit brew) The only thing I didn't do is inject myself with anything.

I didn't get to do heroin or cocaine because those are drugs that require money and I didn't have money," the digital content creator candidly said as he walked down memory lane of his past life.

Finishing up, the father of 3 recalled how sometimes they used to skip school, and even though some of their teachers knew they were day drinking there was literally nothing they could do about it.

"I was just doing these light light things because I didn't have money. Just chang'aa, weed, kuber, and glue.

Like chang'aa we would be there drinking with our teacher. At that time we have skipped class and gone to drink or it's around break time and the teacher would also be there because he's also taken a break," Kabi animatedly said. 

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