Brian Chira
Brian Chira Brian Chira

An autopsy done on the body of the late TitToker Brian Chira is out and the cause of his death has been attributed to multiple organ injuries and blunt head trauma.

The postmortem report was made public by Baba Talisha to shut down all the speculations that have been going around on how Chira died.


“Multiple organ injuries and blunt head trauma caused by a road accident,” he said.


Baba T further stated that the government pathologist told them that Chira’s lungs, kidneys, and heart had ruptured,

He further acknowledged that he has seen so many narratives online on how Chita died – asking Netizens to stop dragging the Chira story.


The things I have seen on Social media… I don’t like people saying things they don’t know. It’s so sad and I feel sad for the family too because of what you guys are doing to the family on TikTok. Yes, you helped them but stop dragging this story too much, please,” Baba Talisha said.


TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest in Ingitei village, Githunguri in Kiambu County on March 26, 2024.

Fans, family, and friends viewed the TikToker's body at the KU mortuary before it was taken to his grandmother’s place for burial.

The said burial attracted a huge crowd of TikTokers, celebrities, and Online media who were all out to give Chira a decent sendoff.

He was laid to rest at around 4 PM.

Among the celebrities that attended the burial include Otile Brown who sang his famed 'One Call' hit song and politician Peter Salasya.

Addressing the mourners, Otile said "I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be together with you here. I did not know Chira but through my song 'One Call' I've seen his love."

Chira’s Grandmother's Tribute

In a touching tribute, Chira’s grandmother, Esther Njeri, shared heartfelt memories of the young man who deeply impacted many lives.

Esther Njeri, fondly known as Chira’s grandmother, reminisced about the bond they shared since childhood.

“Brian has left a huge void in our lives. I pray that God will raise a strong and vibrant one in one of my grandchildren. Chira always asked me to love him as he was, and I loved him with all his faults,” she said.