Crazy Kennar

Kenyan comedian Crazy Kennar has revealed that he is relocating to South Africa for further studies.

In an update, Kennar mentioned that he will be staying in Kenya and South Africa as he makes content from both countries.

The funnyman who has recently been instrumental in marketing South Africa as a tourist destination seems to have found more reasons to stay in the country.



A new level of entertainment unlocked, Journey with me as I share my life with you as a Local Genius Kenyan creator studying in South Africa, Living in Kenya and in South Africa while creating content across the world. 🌏 More content loading πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ #STANDAGAINSTDEPRESSION #crazykennarmakingthecountryhappy #happycountry," Crazy Kennar shared. 

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In February 2024 Crazy Kennar sparked mixed reactions on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, after claiming to be the most creative person ever to live.

Kennar began by praising his mind and brain, stating that they work like a machine that perceives things from different angles of life and instantly comes up with humor that entertains people.

The comedian, who started working independently last year after the breakup of his group, called on talented writers to seize the opportunity and narrate their stories in their scripts.

He went further to suggest the main topic of the book that would be written about him.

"My mind is like a creative machine; I see thoughts from all possible areas of the conceivable realm of ideas. I see stories, I see jokes, I see storyboards, I see memory lines, I see the world of film and TV in frames of 60 seconds. Someone should write a book about me. Topic: The Most Creative Man Alive," Kennar said.