Top 16 countries with largest women's butt sizes

South Africa has women with the largest butt sizes, a new report by market research company GitNux has revealed. 

According to the research, South African women have average butt sizes with a circumference of 41.73 inches. 

Women from Argentina have the second largest hip size at 41 inches.

The data showed that women from Sweden and Greece have almost the same butt size. 

Those from Sweden have the third largest hip size with 40.94 inches while those from Greece come in fourth with 40.74 inches. 

Germany comes in fifth with women having an average hip size of 40.6 inches. 

Women from Russia and Italy have the same hip size, the data showed. 

The average hip size of Russian and Italian women is 40.55 inches ranking the two countries at position 6. 

Australian women have the seventh largest hip size with an average of 40.5 inches. 

The Netherlands was ranked at position 8 with 40.35 inches of hip circumference. 

Women from Canada have an average hip size of 40.3 inches, ranking at position 9 globally. 

France came in tenth recording an average hip size of 40.25 inches while the USA followed closely with 40.2 inches of hip circumference. 

The second African country in the list is Nigeria with women having an average butt circumference of 38.56 inches. 

Nigeria was ranked at position 12. 

The first Asian country on the list was South Korea which came in at position 13 with women having an average butt size of 38 inches. 

Japan followed closely at position 14 with women having a butt size of 37.8 inches. 

Chinese women came in at position 15 with an average butt size of 37.4 inches. 

India was ranked are position 16 with an average butt size of 36.1 inches.