Game of Thrones actor Ian Gelder dies aged 74

Ian Gelder, who played Kevan Lannister in fantasy series Game of Thrones, has died at the age of 74.

The British actor's career spanned decades and included roles in Torchwood, His Dark Materials, Doctor Who, Snatch, The Bill and more.

Gelder died on Monday, five months after being diagnosed with bile duct cancer, his husband and fellow actor Ben Daniels announced on Instagram.

He said Gelder was a "wonderful actor" and an "absolute rock" to him.

Daniels said his partner of 30 years had coped with his "dreadful illness with such bravery" and that he had stopped working to care for him.

"He was the kindest, most generous spirited and loving human being," Daniels wrote.

"He was a wonderful wonderful actor and everyone who worked with him was touched by his heart and light."

Gelder appeared in five series of Game of Thrones as Kevan Lannister, and was most recently seen in an episode of BBC One period detective series Father Brown, earlier this year.

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(Source: NHS)

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