State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed

State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed has responded to reports that former President Uhuru Kenyatta's office has been denied funds allocated to it in the last two budgets.

Speaking at Harambee House on Sunday, Hussein clarified that there exists an office that the former President can use anytime he wishes.

The office, he said, was used by late President Mwai Kibaki.

Hussein went on to say that there are official channels Uhuru's office can access funds.

He added that through these channels, funds have been provided for any official engagements at all times.

"There’s an office complex in Nyari that has been used by a previous president, the late President Mwai Kibaki and he occupied that office for 9 years. It is very well known that it is there and it's vacant and President Uhuru Kenyatta can use that office as and when he deems fit.

"As for the other matters about budget, there are channels and mechanisms to access budget and provision in the Office of the Fourth President and all those have been provided for officially for any official engagement," the Spokesperson said.

The reports, by local media, said that the funds have not been released despite being allocated in the last two financial budgets.

They attribute the same to the frosty relationship between Uhuru and Ruto.

According to Nation, the former President's office has not been receiving funds for new vehicles and their maintenance, which the former president takes care of from his funds, staff contracts have not been renewed and the required number has also not been met.

The office has not also been receiving funds for travel air tickets as well as allowances for his staff.

The reports say Uhuru is also forced to fuel the official vehicles with personal money.

There is also a dispute over where his office should be located.