President William Ruto, Eddie Butita, Steve Harvey and Njugush
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Njugush leaves fans in stitches as he reacts to Butita’s meeting with Steve Harvey [Screenshot]

Kenyan content creator and comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush has reacted to the news of Eddie Butita meeting American TV Host and comedian Steve Harvey.

Njugush used his socials to poke fun at Butita over his meeting with Harvey. In one of his statements that left many in stitches, Njugush said; Mmmh at Steve ashamsahau by now…hakuna kitu hapa. I hope hiyo vitu amekuambia itakusaidia,”.

He went on to add another statement that said; “But sasa Butita alisema je kwa Harvey anaitwa bootyta..... 🤣🤣🤣Tumlilie nani aki jamani... Ila heri Ata kwenda binguni kuliko kwenda US.... Sijui tutajificha wapi siku za huyu @eddiebutita za kurudi zikifika .

On the other hand, Abel Mutua roasted Njugush saying important people in the society are all in the US with President Ruto.

“And on this beautiful day of 20th May, Important people accompanied the President to the US,” Abel wrote.

Njugush replied; “German shepherd wewe,”.

Njugush's reaction
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The three (Butita, Abel, and Njugush) are good friends and business partners who are always poking fun at each other no matter the situation. 

Following his meeting with Steve Harvey, Butita confessed that he had always dreamt of meeting the TV host for the past 14 years.

“I saw you on YouTube" words from Steve Harvey. Thank you Mr President for this honorable connection, meeting Steve Harvey Has been a dream for the past 14 years today it has become a reality. 

“We had great conversations on how to equip and train talents for business success in showbiz it is show and Business and I'm happy our creatives are factored in these conversations, Butita shared.

On Tuesday, President William Ruto among other leaders visited the Tyler Perry Studio in Atlanta where they met the celebrated TV host and comedian Steve Harvey.