Kenya Power - KPLC

Kenya Power has announced power interruption in five counties on Thursday.

The company said the interruption will be effected between 8.30am and 5pm in select areas.

Parts of Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Kakamega and Kiambu will be affected.


The scheduled power interruptions are done periodically to facilitate system maintenance.

In Nairobi, areas to go without power over the scheduled period include Garden Estate Road and adjacent customers.

Parts of Nakuru to experience power interruption are the whole of Majani Mingi Center, Sinendet, Testai, Kokwomoi, Majani Mingi Safaricom Booster and adjacent customers.


Nyamasaria, Molum, Jumbo Mattresses, Ndovu, Rabuor, Mega City, Ahero Girls, and part of Ahero Town in Kisumu will also be affected.

Kenya Power said parts of Kakamega that will be affected are Kambi Mwanza Market, Shamberere Polytechnic, West Sugar, Ngavira Market, KWS, Kambiri Market, Eleho Market and Bulovi Market.

In Kiambu county, areas to be affected include Kiaoral Farm East, Mtaro Farm East and adjacent customers.