Kate Actress fires back at critics hating on her US trip

Award-winning actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress is out here breathing fire after Netizens insinuated that her US trip has been sponsored by the government.


In a post via her socials, Kate sought to clarify that she got an invite from the US Embassy in Kenya but help entire trip is self-sponsored.

“Before you come to comment on my posts kindly note. My invitation was courtesy of the US Embassy in Nairobi

“This trip is fully self-sponsored, just in case you thought my brand is beans. Breathe beloved, I have just started,” Kate Actress fired back at her critics.


Kate was prompted to respond after a fan took to her comment section to allege that her trip had been sponsored.

“Continue enjoying tax payers’ money. It's sweet as it shortly sits Next stop should be maka,” the user said. 

Kate clapped back saying; "Your thinking is so limited, oiye. Some of us don’t need government funds to thrive, this trip is fully self-sponsored, and this is me investing in my brand and mining my business. You should try it,”

Kate is among the delegation that accompanied President William Ruto to the US for his official State visit.

Kate Actress reacts
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Since then she has been sharing key moments from the trip and what it means to her brand. 

“Big Girl, Big God, Big Dreams 🇰🇪 Tyler Perry Studios Luncheon,” she said.

“How I settled on ‘Kate the actress’ as my handle ?? Well, for the longest time, Acting was considered a co-curricular activity or a hobby NOT a Career here in Kenya. ‘ What else do you do apart from Acting ?’ (The most irritating & discouraging question to ever ask an actor ) . Fortunately, the narrative has now changed, and I am honored to have been part of this tremendous progress in our industry. Dear young Actor/thespian we lit the tunnel when we couldn’t see or find the light, you can take it from here, the world is your oyster 🙌🏾🇰🇪… with love Aunty Kate,”.

Kate Actress reacts
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