Awinja, Mammito, Abel Mutua, Terence Creative and Njugush
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Top Kenyan YouTubers are up in arms with the Kenya Film Classification Board after ordering them to acquire licenses before they continue putting out YouTube videos.

On Friday, KFCB wrote to several Kenyan content creators – giving them a 14-day ultimatum to obtain filming licenses or face legal action.

Among those affected include Oga Obinna, Jacky Vike alias Awinja, Njugush, Abel Mutua, YY Comedian and Mulamwah.


 “We refer to the above matter and write to you as follows; our attention has been drawn to your YouTube channel where you have continuously uploaded audio-visual content for purposes of exhibiting and distributing it to the public without acquiring the requisite filming licenses from Kenya Film Classification Board,” the letters read.

The move elicited mixed reactions among content creators and Kenyans at large.

However, Kenya Film Classification Board chairperson Njogu Njoroge moved quickly and revoked the demand letters sent out to content creators.


 “Our content creators should be supported all the way. They should be encouraged and supported 100 per cent,” Njoroge said.

“We should be training our youth on monetisation, and we are deliberate on that matter. I have directed the management to withdraw the notices and organise for an engagement with all the stakeholders,” he added.

“We should be talking about thousands of opportunities, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs in the digital media.”

Awninja, Mammitto, Terence, Abel Mutua, Judy, and Njugush
Image: courtesy

Here is how top Kenyan YouTubers have reacted to the Orders

Abel Mutua

@kfcbkenya mnajua nacheka kwa nini? Hii ni maajabu.


@kfcbkenya say there's a trend, I quick shoot a clip on my phone to run with the trend but I first send it to you to approve the 2 mins "film" Instead of using YouTube own checks?

Jameni guys..... Gagging ama ni hali ya kutafuta ? Kama ukona YouTube channel unaona je?


Yani the Moment there have been Increased Positive Content Creation, Job Creation and International Recognition, KFCB mnafufuka,

The fact that you have not even considered a sit down with Content Creators ,you’ve just gone straight to Red taping us, it says so much about your intentions.

Oh Alafu @kfcbkenya ni Awinja Nyamwalo, Awilo sijui ni gani but since I got it on my Email here we are…

Kumbe Kukasirika inaeza toa Kizungu noma hivi 🤣🏃🏾‍♀️

YY Comedian

They now want to assasinate Online...😂😂What's their contribution to the online creators though😂...saa hii before uploading lazima uwatumie waaprove ata kama ni Podcast ya 4hours😂😂😂


Instead of making it better for us and encouraging that we create more content about our people and culture.. Wameamua kutumaliza… And please am Njoki not Njeri

Milly Chebby

Hata sina nguvu Kenya 😭😭😭

When we are just trying to get it right then this sisi ni wa nani haki 🥲

@kfcbkenya I feel like there should have been a better way than this not sure if I should be mad or laugh about it sending you videos for approval?

Content creation is not as easy as it may look



MC Jessy

Acting CEO of KFCB Tafadhali, Whoever gave you that idea of flagging The Creative Economy’s bread and Juice should also tell you that you are not going anywhere with this!!!!

When was the last time KFCB supported the Creative Industry? When was the last time you attended any of the Creatives events? When was the last time you paid for a show where a Creative has organized?

We are here trying to streamline the creative industry and people like you are busy kuporomosha. We build you demolish.

We are here trying to have a Legal Framework for the Creative Economy, Pushing for the adoption of the Creative industries Bill in Parliament na Wewe Uko busy kubomoa waliojijenga without your support.

Have you ever called a meeting of the so called creatives that you lead to even have a conversation about the industry? I Bet not!!! Hii nayo Hapana.

Mr Opiyo, we know that you are acting, not a confirmed CEO, and we can read in between the lines that you are desperately looking to be Confirmed. With this, trust me you’ve missed it…!!!

Eric Omondi

FCB Kama nyinyi ni WANAUME Jaribuni...AAAAAAIIIIIIII!!!! I will PERSONALLY DEAL With you SCATHINGLY!!! We can DISBAND YOU EVEN TOMORROW MORNING!!! Msichezee Maisha ya Watu.

Boniface Mwangi

Paskal Opiyo analeta kazi kwa mchezo 😂😂😂. Mwambie atafute switch ya YouTube Hapo @kfcbkenya azime your account kama yeye ni ndume. Hii ni ujinga tupu.