Reggae DJ Kris Darlin 'cooked' by celebs over insensitive remarks over Jahmby's death 

Reggae DJ Kriss Darlin who is a Radio and TV host, a Dancehall Reggae Ambassador, and the team leader of the Dhoty Family, is being 'cooked' by fellow celebrities.

This is after he put out a post on Njambi's death that was termed 'Insensitive' by a section of celebrities.

People were mourning Njambi's death by posting her pics and sending their condolences online something that did not sit well with Kris Darlin.

According to Kris, Netizens and celebrities ignored Njambi when she appealed for Blood Donation but quick to mourn her.

Kriss went ahead and posted on his Instagram confronting people who were posting Njambi's photos after her death but failed to support her when she asked for help.

Njambi Koikai died while in hospital receiving treatment as she was suffering from endometriosis.

 She had earlier requested for blood donation just after she had announced that she was going for her treatment.

People got disappointed at what he said on his post and they responded back to him. Here are the reactions of some of the celebrities who fired back at him ;


''But Kris you should be the last to know what you put her through! Nooo He should be the last to speak. The things He put Her through bana smh'' 


''Jahmby doesn’t deserve this weird comment. A lot of people and friends posted about the blood request and have in other instances. There are people who also help or have helped don’t post. Let’s just celebrate her and be positive. That’s what she would appreciate.''

Dj Exclusive

''Sasa mnagate keep how people will mourn ? Ahh surely 😒😒😒 people support in different ways sio kila mtu lazima atoe damu … there people who would pray for her , maybe send her an encouraging message …. I’m sure this sounded smart when typing but it’s not.'' 

Dj Shitii Comedian

''Swali ni yeye alipost? Lets not use our sisters demise to seek attention. People contributed in different ways bro. Ata wewe ulipigia raila magoti na hatukuongea.

Ruffest Dj Moh

''Such an irresponsible post. People help each other in different ways. just because its not posted online doesn't mean it is not happening. Tenda wema nenda zako. SMHdisappointed.''