Kenyan celebrities who have recently given their lives to Christ

Several Kenyan celebrities have shunned their worldly acts and decided to give their lives to Christ and serve him with all they have.

Today, we give you a list of celebrities who have been saved in 2024

Michelle Ntalami

Businesswoman and influencer Michelle Ntalami earlier last month came out and declared that she had finally given her life to Christ after having an encounter with him.

“I have completely transformed! I fully gave my life to Christ! I have peace and I love that I have never known before,” Michelle said.

She went on penned down in length saying, “I had a life-changing encounter with God himself. As an astute businesswoman, life was beautiful. However, behind the success lay a heart that was deeply wounded by different human experiences along the journey of my life.”

“Being an empath, the hurt began to take a toll. Last year, I hit rock bottom. One night in total surrender, I cried out to God questioning his existence. In an instant, I felt the most overpowering rush of love and light engulf me! A thunderous, beautiful voice called my name “Michelle” 3 times and in that moment I knew I was in the presence of the lord.”

Her revelation attracted thousands of reactions with fans, friends, and fellow celebrities heaping praises on her and congratulating her on her new journey.

Michelle Ntalami

Miracle baby

Former Gengetone rapper Miracle Baby recently announced his new journey with God - posting photos of himself in church.

He was being prayed for.

On 2nd June Miracle Baby expressed gratitude to Apostle John Paul for officially ordaining him as a pastor. He now refers to himself as Pastor Peter Mwangi.

“I have been approved as a pastor by Apostle John Paul. I will serve God. Thank you, Apostle John Paul, for anointing me with oil. I will serve God until the end,” his post read.

The anointing did not take his fans by surprise since he had earlier hinted at it after being discharged from the hospital.

Miracle Baby

Huddah Monroe

Social media influencer and content creator announced that she will open her church when she comes back to Kenya.

The Dubai-based Kenyan socialite posted on her Instagram story that she is set to come back to Kenya in 2 years.

She said that upon her arrival she would open a church since the Holy Spirit summoned her.

“The thought of moving back to Kenya permanently is eating my ass coz I sold my car thinking ill never live there again. But there is God’s project that needs my ass to be still,” Huddah said.

The Church will be called “Huddah Prosperity church”

Huddah Monroe