Gen Z

Gen Z are the generation who seem to be more straightforward with what they feel. They are also known to be very outspoken and honest about matters affecting them.

Through an open conversation with young Gen Z journalists, a topic arose of how they would differently raise their kids from how they were brought up and these are some of their honest opinions.

The first Gen Z we had a conversation with said that what she would really change is the silent treatment she receives when her parents are angry and also will return her children's money if they give her credit.

The second Gen Z who we engaged with said that what he would do for his kids is spare quality time to bond with them which according to him he thinks kids become fond of their parents due to the time spent with them and not material things their parents buy for them.

The third one touched on matters concerning education, where he said when he becomes a parent he wont put much pressure on his kids concerning matters of education.

Since he feels that every kid's destiny will automatically align to what they are best at which should not be purposely education.

"For me in terms of education I wouldn't that much pressure into education, i will push them obviously but I wouldn't exact so much pressure on them, because I believe a kid's destiny will automatically align according to what they are best at," he said.

Also matters of technology was a major concern where another individual said that they will give their kids access to electronic gadgets early but they will keep them monitored.

Dressing code was also part of the discussion by another Gen Z who said she would let her kids wear anything they are comfortable with as opposed to what her parents do with her.

"For my kids i will just make sure i am their best-friend  at the same time their mum and for the dress code i will just allow them to wear whatever they are comfortable with without restricting them on anything," she said.

Another one talked about being a cool mum where she will openly engage with her kids and allow them express what they feel openly without feeling they are becoming disrespectful.

"What i would change from how i was brought up is becoming a cool mum to my kids by engaging with them freely and letting them speak out what they feel without thinking they are becoming disrespectful," she said.