Kenya Power - KPLC

Kenya Power has announced scheduled power outages in six counties in the country this Sunday.

The power outages will occur at different times of the day and will affect some parts of the counties.

The six counties in include parts of Nairobi, Siaya, Bungoma, Laikipia, Kakamega and Busia.

The scheduled outage is to allow Kenya Power to carry out maintenance works.

Here are the counties to be affected:

Nairobi County

Donholm, Savannah

Time: 9.00 Α.Μ. -5.00 Ρ.Μ.

Affected areas are Old Donholm, New Danholm, Donholm Total Petrol Stn, Donholm Equity Bank, Donholm Co-op Bank, Sunrise Est, Greenfield Est, Savannah Est, Donholm Phase 5 & 8, Police Line, Oyster  AND adjacent customers.

Area: Whole of Dakar Road

Time: 9.00 Α.Μ. - 5.00 Ρ.Μ.

The whole of Funzi Rd, Dakar Rd, Part of Kitui Rd, KCC Offices, Bamburi along Kitui Rd and adjacent customers will be affected

Area : Part of Saika, Umoja

Τime: 9.00 Α.Μ. - 5.00 Ρ.Μ.

Specific parts to be affected are Saika Maili Saba, Dan Mills, Firoze, Umoja 3 kwa Chief, Mowlem Heights, MYSA Green, Saika Silanga and adjacent customers.

Kakamega County 

Mumias, Ingotse

Time: 12.00 Α.Μ. - 5.00 Α.Μ.

Mumias Town, Ekero, Shianda, Butere, Khwisero, Ingotse, Lutaso, Musaga and adjacent customers will be affected.

Busia County

Busia, Rwambwa

Time: 12.00 Α.Μ. - 5.00 Α.Μ.

Areas to be affected are Busia Town, Malaba Town, Korinda, Rwambwa, Bumala, Port Victoria, Sio Port and adjacent customers.

Siaya County

Area: Ugunja, Nyamninia

Time: 12.00 Α.Μ. - 5.00 Α.Μ.

Ugunja Town, Rang'ala Complex, Nyamninia, Sawagongo, Sigomere, Dominion Farm, Siaya Prison, Ukwala and adjacent customers are to be affected.

Bungoma County

Area: Bungoma

Time: 12.00 Α.Μ. - 5.00 Α.Μ.

Listed areas are Bungoma Town, Kanduyi, Mabanga, Kibabil University, Sibembe, Malakisi, Butonge and adjacent customers.

Laikipia County

Area: Whole of Nanyuki Town

Time: 8.00 Α.Μ.-4.00 Ρ.Μ.

Nanyuki Town, Cidar Mall, Huruma Hosp, Sports Man Arms Hotel, Governor's Office, Lerustic Hotel, Nanyuki Mall, Cottage Hospital and adjacent customers are to be affected.