Arrow Bwoy

Renowned Kenyan singer Ali Yusuf, widely known as Arrow Bwoy, has disclosed that he approached his wife Nadia Mukami about marrying another woman.

The "Unconditional Love" hitmaker explained that his desire for another marriage stems from wanting more children, as Nadia is not currently ready to expand their family.

Arrow stated that their child is now two years old, and he wishes to have more children while they still have time.

He praised Nadia for her proactive nature and exceptional marketing skills.

But who is the musician?


Arrow was born on May 25, 1993, in Huruma, Nairobi, to a Kenyan and Ugandan mother.

He grew up in a polygamous family with 11 siblings. Initially educated in Kenya, he later moved to Uganda for further studies.

During his schooling, female classmates nicknamed him "Ali Cure" due to his ability to mend their hearts when they were heartbroken.


Since childhood, Arrow had a passion for music, particularly dancehall, drawing inspiration from industry icons like Jose Chameleon, E-Sir, and Redsan. His dream was always to become a successful artist.


Ali Yusuf began singing at a young age, covering songs by Redsan, E-Sir, and Jose Chameleon.

Eager to break into the music industry, he joined the Qbic crew in 2012, where they released singles such as "Angelina," "Tam Tam," and "Make You Mine."

In 2015, Arrow decided to pursue a solo career, leaving the group after catching the attention of King Kaka, who signed him to Kaka Empire.

Although he worked tirelessly, his breakthrough came in 2018 with the release of hit singles like "Murder" and "Digi Digi."

In 2019, Arrow Bwoy announced his departure from King Kaka's Empire after his contract expired.


Initially, Arrow and Nadia Mukami's relationship started amidst rumours, which Nadia debunked, stating it was strictly professional.

However, they later confirmed their romantic involvement during a joint Instagram live session.

In March 2022, the couple announced they were expecting a baby, and Nadia later gave birth to their son Haseeb Kai, who recently turned two years old.

With Nadia currently not ready for another child, Arrow hinted at marrying another wife to fulfill his wish for more children.